Getting up at this amazing spot was great. Clouds below us in the valley and a beautiful sunrise – tent view!

When I took my tent down this morning I snapped one of the tent poles. But it looks as if it could be fixed until the next town. I also discovered a little hole in my backpack. There is some work to do…

The slower part of the family left a bit earlier and I went into the last group to catch up. It was a mostly gentle uphill stretch today through a very bouldery and sandy stretch. 


After about 8mi we arrived at famous Mike’s place. A very PCT-friendly house in the middle of nowhere where thirsty hikers can fill up their water bottles, sometimes get a beer or two and can stay the night on the property. We hung out for a few hours and did all sorts of important things – like painting nails… 😂

Two hours down the trail we found a nice spot in the shade and crashed for a snack and a good nap to escape the heat. We just rolled out the ground sheets and fell asleep right next to the trail so people even had to step over our legs. Real hobo-style.

After about 18mi we called it a day and pitched camp. I repaired my tent pole and we got treated with an amazing sunset!