We broke camp early to make it to our first important stop today: Paradise Cafe! It was about 16 miles to go. It was about 8mi to the next water source through nice desert scenery.

The bloom is amazing and especially the cactuses are beautiful.

When we arrived at the water source we had to find out that the cache was empty! Good learning not to rely on these points and to be on the safe side. Good that the next one was only another two miles ahead. After filling up the bottles we continued making sure not to take the wrong road – some people apparently don’t like us that much 😂

Sophia and I took off and went a bit faster than the crew so we hit the 150 mile a bit sooner.

Our lunch spot was the Paradise Cafe where we had a great lunch and a couple of good German beers! Home sweet home!

I am in full hiker mode. After lunch I just took a nap right on the parking lot – no shame at all anymore 😎

Just before we left a young guy came up to us and asked: “How far ya all going?” “To Canada.” And his reply was a deep and honest: “Bullshit!” “No, really. We are walking the whole way.” Bullshit!” 😂😂😂

We debated for a while how to continue. There was a part which is closed due to a fire and landslide. The detour was long so we opted for the straight road walking instead. I have to admit I found it quiet pleasurable – finally no unnecessary switchbacks but a straight line between two points 😂

One of the stories of the last days has been tweaking  the name of Idyllwild – Idyllwilldyl, Weedyldeedyl, Doodlewoodl,… We probably came up with over a hundred versions which kept us amused a d busy. So easy to make a hiker happy…

We arrived at the campground we had planned to stay. The store was closed already but the young guy reopened for us when we knocked on the door. Sweet as, brew!

The campground was also closed already so we called the “After hour line” and asked what the price was. “For a car and two people it’s 45$.”. “We are hikers without a car. What does that cost?”. “Mhh, well. That’s the same price then!”. What??? So we packed our packs again and continued. Luckily it was less then a mile and we could call it a day – 25,2mi / 40km.

Just remembered a slogan a hiker on the TA (over-)used and was also to serious about it so it became one of the biggest jokes in the trail. So we always used it for fun and it fit very well today – “Crushing miles, wearing smiles”…