We gave ourselves half a day off to relax and organise things. Finished writing, photos, charging and more. I also got a pack shake down but unfortunately not much came out: a couple if stuff sacks, soap, the towel and paper maps. I was hoping for more…

Then we had another lunch with the family in town before we set off. We cruised along a little creek and slowly mad ournway up the hill.


We only wanted to make it to the next water source so no rush was needed. We cruised along the ridge for the rest of the day and had great fun finding an uncountable amount of names for our next destination: Idyllwild. Amazing how many names you can find for Idyllwildyll 😂


We found an epic camp spot and took the prime real estate next toma few other hikers!


I mad sure carried and cooled the most important thing today for the equipment- well worth the extra grams for the shared sundowner.