We took a lazy start from Lake Morena after the long day yesterday and decided to go back to the store for a nice morning coffee. So at 11:30 we finally set off – a very good idea to go hiking in the desert during the midday heat 😎

The scenery was beautiful and the way I love it. A bit rougher, open valleys and a few mountains. Luckily the water situation is still very good after the intensive rain falls in the winter so we do find many water sources.

Laura, Simon and I are still crusing together. The trail is also a lot less crowded then I thought. We rested in a nice and shady spot underneath a tree – today carefully inspecting the spot for rattlesnakes..

We also crossed a few highways today including a secret little hiker help spot – the bus station 😂

The views were getting better and better along the way. We only did about 12 miles today which was a good call. Killing yourself in the first week is not a good idea.

The campspot was next to a little creek and a few other hikers pitched their tents as well. We had a quick dinner and then the temperature went down quickly so we moved into the tents. I tried to write this article but fell asleep several times with the phone falling onto my face – I gave up and slept…