We left at 7am to avoid the heat on the climb in the morning which was good. Today we entered the dry desert which we had circled around for the last days. Due to the heavy rain in the winter there is what they call the super-blossom happening. All bushes and flowers are still green and flowering massively. Just a few shots.

It was about 10km to the first water source of the day so we had to carry all water from around lunch time yesterday for the day, the night, the morning and half the day. For me 4l = 4kg… So we were happy to find the water source being still filled with cool water. So easy to make a hiker happy 😉

We continued along a ridge which faded out into the valley. Our target today: Sissors Crossing – a highway intersection with a bridge (bridge = shade). Confirmed rumors said that there would be trail magic happening. When we arrived at the bridge a fairly big crowd of people cheered for us arriving. They had coolers stacked with Gatorate, beer, fresh fruits, chips, spaghetti and much more. Trail Angels. These are people who spend their free time or even vacation to come out to the trails and support the hikers on their journey. Some of them come from
the next town, some for a few hours and some even fly across the entire country. Some are ex-PCT hikers, some just come because they like to support. They stack up water caches in the middle of dry stretches, they provide food and drinks or also just rides into the next town. Amazing spirit! Really great to be part of this. So we ended up being around 40 people hanging out underneath a highway bridge drinking beers and chilling like real hobos – it was amazing. 😎🤘🏼 A quick ride into town and a nice and chilled evening before we all went to bed. Thank you Trail Angels!!!

The pie-place in town was giving out free pies for PCT-hikers. Apple pie with icecream 😍😍

Good night!