What a day! How would my dear friend Martin say: “I am ab-so-lu-tely shattered!”

I left a bit later than planned but things took a bit of time doing the camping thing for the first time again. And snoozing was so tempting especially when a light rain hit my tent when my alarm went off at 5.45.

But off I went and the game of clouds and sun from yesterday continued.

First target of today was La Rhune – a bit higher than 600m. It was a fairly steep climb and when I was about to get to the top I could see the peak being covered in clouds.

But well I was almost there already so I decided to also just go up all the way. On the top it got so cold in the mist and wind that I had to get out a longsleve to not get cold. And the view = 0


Funny side fact – you can hear cow bells all day long in the Basque country. But guess what it’s not not cows wearing them but horses!

This is how La Rhune looks like without clouds – maybe half an hour after I had descended all the way down again 🙈

To make a long story short – it was a constant up and down today. Rolling hills, steep climbs and descents.

Met this poor fellow along the way carrying 18kg! Of course I couldn’t resist giving him a few tips to come down to 4,8kg 😉

Just a few impressions from the day – I need to sleep. I keep on fallinf asleep while typing already…

Then I met this vulture taking off right next to my break spot. Maybe he thought I was to exhausted to get up again and waited for his chance 🤣

After I dropped down all the way again to Arizkun I had to fill up three liters of water and then climb almost 600m again. It was really painful and exhausting after tis already long day. Watched the sunset on the highest point for today, Burga with 872m.

Dropped down from the top for a perfect camp spot, had a two serving chili con carne with 1.000kcal 💪

According to the map I did 42km today not counting the elevation change. I hope I will be able to get out of the tent without help tomorrow 🤣

It’s still loud and chaotic up there. I guess I will need a few more days to really come down. But for now – good night!