The pre-PCT start was already great. I picked up all my US gear orders from my first trail angel Isa who let me use her mailing address and then Dan & Ben from the Adventure 16 store helped me with my broken poles and wrist band for my watch – THANK YOU!!!


The final little things took more time then expected so I ended up sending my maps ahead and my unneeded stuff to Jeremy 5 minutes before closure of the post office and food shopping for the next six days at 9pm. And then I packed and organised untill 1am – well, you got to do what you got to do. And it was worth it with the outlook of five month of “peace”…

Two other trail angels offered me a ride to the trailhead so I got up at 4.30 again to join the breakfast at their place with about 25 other hikers which all stayed at their place over night. And in front of the door around 6 or 7 cars with voluntary drivers who all went on the bit more than an hour drive to get us their… 😳
Frodo & Scout, two reteired ex PCT hikers, made it their mission since generations of hikers to help them with their start by hosting, feeding and driving them all to the start. Every year for about six weeks with around 30 people during the peak per night. Incredible!!! Thank you for doing this.

On the trail we did the obligatory photo with the monument and touched the fence.


I quickly stuck my hand through it to touch Mexican ground.

And then it began. I was completely high and totally excited. I teamed up with Laura (CA) & Simon (UK). The plan was to take it easy so we strolled through the desert.

Since there was a lot of rain during the winter there were many little streams and the water supply a lot easier than expected.

To make a long story short – it was beautiful and an amazing, almost unreal feeling, to be back on the trail. The scenery was how I enjoy it – rough and open.

During our lunch break we realized that we were sitting half a meter away from a rattlesnake 😳 A beutiful little thing but nothing to mess with! A good warning on the first day that they actually exist! We also saw another one on the trail later.

We decided to push it a bit and skip the first option for the night 20 miles / 32km as a starting day was quite a lot. We treated ourselves with a burger in the little store next to the campsite. Lets see how that feels tomorrow 😂.

Great to be back! #noboforlife