In the last week I finally had the chance to spend some more time in the city. Vancouver is still as beautiful as I remembered it. Especially the green lounge Stanley Park is a real asset. But also the view on sea and mountains at the same time!

Had the pleasure to be taken out by a good friend of Maja (Team NOBO). Really nice to see the Vancouver with the local eyes and enjoy time in the city. Thanks Katha and Maja ?

But the city has it’s massive contrasts. The homeless and drug addict scene is quite big. Even though it is strongly concentrated in Gastown / Hasting St. you can still see it everywhere in the city – it is quite present everywhere. Maybe I am spoiled from New Zealand but it feels more than in other cities of the world. At least more visible. Makes you sad and also helps to realise how fortune some of us are not having taken the “wrong” turn somewhere…

Anyways, can’t wait to finally get settled, move into the house and have more time to explore the mountains and outdoors. I miss my tent! I can already feel the burden of possession again.