We managed to withstand the temptation to stay for another half day at Sissors Crossing and enjoy the trail magic with beer and more. Instead we started at 8.30 for the next stretch through a dry stretch. A picture of the current hiker-family.

I only took 2l for the first 15mi / 24km and it was quite hot. We again went up useless switchbacks passing the same point on the mountain about four times just a few meters higher – this is due to the trail also being used by horses but is a bit frustrating once in a while. But the scenery makes up for it!

Most important things always have to be accessible! Tortilla chips!

And then I almost stepped on this little feller. He was sitting in the middle of the trail and was not in good shape. We figured he might have been dehydrated so we forced some water in him with the lid of a water bottle before we picked him up, cut a leave of a cactus to give him a little water reservoir. Hopefully he made it…
“Oneday” captured it on video. Rescue the little feller! 

We pushed on and crushed good mileage – around 3,5mi/h (almost 6km/h). 

We took a little break in the only shady spot we could find. And the shade was getting less and less so it was quite a challenge to stay in the shade.

“Shady hiker” by Oneday

When we got to the water cache we were really relieved. It was already 2pm and I only had two liters for the 24km. Locals had stacked three pallets of water in the middle of the desert via a 4×4 track. Just like that. Sponsored by the locals! It is getting better and better. There is a lot of good even in our modern western world… 😍 The deal though was to only take what you need to the next water source and/or max. 3l. Since water out here is precious and all hikers rely on these sources we of course stuck to the request – you don’t want to get to an empty water source running low… Even though we could have chucked down three liters each. We decided to wait out the heat in the shade and continue to the next water source in the late afternoon. A good Hiker lunch and a long nap – what a treat…

Tacos with taco chips

High-tec shade! Photo by Kayla

We left again at 5pm after the great heat which was wise. Sophia offered to take the lead: “I can be your leader. Which way do we have to go?”. We cracked up but the girl was flying. The super bloom in the desert is just incredible!

We continued for the last 10mi but even with our speed ran into the darkness. 

So we hit the 100 mile marker in dark and eventually had to get our head torches out for the last 30 minutes. But hiking at night has advantages. It’s cooler and we also got to see our first scorpion! Rolled into camp with water at 8.30pm after 25mi/40km. Long but good day. Didn’t expect to have such a big day in the first week.