We took it easy after the big day yesterday and left at 9am. But it was only a 9mi stretch to Warner Springs – the next resupply point. 

Thanks to Oneday for the shot.

After doing a few unnecessary switchbacks again we ended up in amazing meadows with purple grass waving in the wind. A bit like the dunes in Denmark. 

We passed the famous Eagle Rock and of course took some time to enjoy the scenery and mess around…

Bring me to Canada, Eagle Rock! 😎🤘🏼

When we arrived in Warner Springs the local Community Center is more or less dedicated to the PCT in these weeks. Registration, hiker food boxes, bucket showers, buckets to wash laundry, free camp spots and a lot of volunteers who wash towels and spare cloth for the people waiting for their cloth to dry. What can I say…

We first went to the local burger place which was the club house of the golf course. How tempting to go for a round. I’ll do it on the trail for sure! One day 😂

And then we went to clean ourselves. First time after 7 days for me. I thought it was tan but apparently most of it was dust and filth 😂

Sophia’s mum came to visit and we went out for dinner to the next town. A cool ride and a good dinner. Since there was only an 8oz steak on the menu I asked if I could have a bit more – of course, they just gave me a double…

An easy night with a couple of beers and a planned sleep in tomorrow. So I am 110mi down the trail, leaving another 2,550mi left. Almost 5% over already. I guess I have to start slowing down soon.

That’s the trail, the blue dot is where I am at the moment.

Zoom in: