Now it is getting serious! Enjoyed a couple of days in Auckland with good food, meeting new and well known people and organising the last important things. Thank you Sarah for the great day! Also I delivered my package to Nadine yesterday. Nice to catch up – unbelievable that you have to fly 18.000km to meet again ?

After all home doesn’t seem to be to far away:

(The name of the building on the left)

I finally arrived in Invercargill after we had to return back to Christchurch shortly after takeoff due that bird strike in one of the engines. From here I will hitchhike to Bluff tomorrow morning – the official start of my 3000km walk. Looking forward to getting started now! I flew over the entire stretch that I will be walking up north now. What a great landscape! But also a little bit scary that I will have to walk all the way back now – what a crazy idea since they also have fabulous beaches down here ?

Keeping you posted after the official start tomorrow!

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