We all ate more food than expected so we decided to quickly stop in Ridgecrest in the afternoon. We only had 13 miles to get to the road and it was an easy stroll through the forest. I saw a few deer this morning – first sighting so far of deer!

We had a little stretch on a dirt road today and came across fresh bear tracks from this morning. 😳 They are here… Probably about time to worry about food in the tents.

A few more switchbacks and views before we got to the road.



Another cool ride into town on the back of a truck 😎🤘🏼

And as soon as we got in town – first stop McDonalds and the how much can you eat challenge… It’s kind of crazy that you are out there with limited options and the first thing you are craving for is junk food 🙈

Shopping, resupply for the next days. Since we will hit the Sierras in three days and the possibilities to buy stuff are extremely limited I went a bit crazy in the store. I have probably resupplied for 8-9 days now. That will be painful tomorrow. My pack has never been that heavy on this trip…

Closed the night with Mexican food and the food-baby-challenge.

Martyn aka The Brit and me