Left at 5.45 to get back on the trail and had a two hour climb to begin with. Quite a wake up call!


My pack was heavy as hell! What did I think yesterday when I bought all of that food??? Well, at least I did not have to ration today and could eat as much as I wanted 😊

The weather forecast had predicted 100F/38C. And it did get hoter and hoter with every minute. The only luck we had was that there were quite some clouds in the sky.


The mountains are becoming more tangible! Kaylee and me posing 😎

The rest of the day was rather unspectacular besides the fighter jets which kept overflying us from the nearby military base. A quick glimpse into our food bag. Probably the funniest thing I have seen so far. “Natural flavor with other natural flavors”… 😂😂😂