We rested the entire day in Hiker Town and tried to stay out of the sun. Sleeping though was almost impossible because of the heat, flies and tons of hikers around. Nevertheless it was good to be off the feet.

We were all waiting for the sun and the temperature to drop. It was close to 100F so waiting for the end of the day was the only thing to do. We were about to enter the Mojave desert stretch. Even though we are only going through the very outskirt of it shade and water are a rare thing.

At 7.30pm we finally left. We only made it about 20 minutes out until the sunset caught us. It was impossible to just continue walking… Everybody just soaked it in and tried to capture it.

The first stretch made us walk on the LA Aqueduct pipe. Cool for the beginning since it was something new. But tiring after a while though.

When the night finally hit we went on the dirt road next to the pipe and kept on cruising. Encountered this little feller on the road.

17 miles to the first water source. I carried 3 liters for the stretch – as always to much for my thirst but good to have some safety in the bag. We arrived at around 1:30am, cameled up water, had a snack and rested for 45 minutes before we continued. A little doping of course before we continued. Next water was at mile 24 of the day which we arrived at around 6am.

But before that we went through the Mojave and the windpark. I just couldn’t resist with all these photo opportunities! Some epic shots during the night and sunrise…

We took four liters of water since for the next 24 miles there was no reliable water source. And we were hitting daytime – so heat, sweat and a lot more water needed. After the first little hill we dropped down in the next canyon and had to go for a 2000ft climb. The sun was out and it was getting warmer with every minute. The scenery of the desert though was incredible. Again the roughness paired with blossoms, hundreds of lizards and snakes. Love this desert!

Well, our original plan was to hike until maybe 10am and until it got to hot. Then find a place in the shade and wait out the heat again for the second night hike. It was another 17 miles to the first road to our resupply stop Tehachapi. When we hit a water cache at around 10am which was put up by the locals Mamie and I decided to just push it all the way. Instead of a miserable day in the desert looking for shade we opted for a miserable day hiking in the sun instead…

What happened then was a long and hard 3h stretch mostly through the open in the brutal sun. We had over 30 miles and 14h of hiking without rest on the clock already. I developed two blisters on my feet from new socks I tried out. Never change a running system though… I could feel my knees but the rest was fine. I was not even tired. But the closer we did get to 40 miles and to the road the more I just wanted it to be over as well.

When we got to the road we had over 41 miles / 76km done already. After a half an hour break, water we decide to do the really stupid thing and continue to the next highway – another 8 miles in the hottest time of the day. A local who stopped on the road told us it was the hottest day of the year so far. What were we thinking…?

Well, what can I say. I was not pleasurable. And it was mostly doing one step after the other. My blisters were painful and didn’t really help. Time to get done

But at around 5pm we arrived at the road – of course cursing the PCTA for many extra long switchbacks on the last part ;-))) And again – the locals from Tehachapi were waiting for us already to give us a ride. He said that it was a boring town and nothing happened besides the two month when all the hikers come through and everybody was excited to do something – our luck.

At the end of the day we had 49,6 miles / 80km and 21h on the clock. Definitely the longest day I have ever done hiking. I guess I am in good shape after 4 weeks of hiking but I was still impressed of what my body was capable of. Great feeling but also something that I probably don’t have to do every day ;-)))

Our friend Bangerang had organised a hotel room already so we jumped in the pool, sushi, hot tub, a few beers and an amazing night on a mattress… Yeaaahhh. Rock on!!!!