After getting in camp late yesterday we still decided tonget up at 4am and leave camp at 5am to hike in the cool time of the day. And we did. Woke up quite dehydrated so we pushed the first five miles quietly to the first water. After finishing in an amazing sunset yesterday we got to walk through an amazing sunrise…


The water source though was a tough one. A one mile detour off the trail and all uphill to get to a cistern covered with a lid so you had to fish your water out with a bottle. Took us 20 minutes tonget there and another 30 to get the water out… We were so exhausted that we rested for two hoirs before we continued – missing the only cool hours of the day 😂😂😂

The next stretch was a nice stroll through a pine forest with cool grassy patches in between – something we haven’t seen so far!

And a big thing today – passed the 500 mile / 800km market! 🤘🏼


Another stop during the brutal heat of the day and then we rolled down the hill towards the flats. Unnecessary to say that the “National Scenic Trail” took us on every possible little hill – most of the time twice – and made sure a 1 mile stretch ended up being 4.5 miles. Scenic is fine but I am sooooo close to writing to the PCTA organisation… 😂😂😂


Last mile into hiker town was flat and easy.


And then we arrived in Hiker Town. A little artificial Western village right next to the trail only for us PCTler. Very awkward! A post office (which is actually a real one!), store, town hall, etc in miniature format all equiped with beds.

We decided to stay for the nigt and next day and then hike the next section during the night. It’s supposed to get up
to 100F/38C and we are walking trough the desert without a single tree for 24 miles. So food and rest for tonight and tomorrow and then the first proper night hike of the trail! 😎