Running away from the rain was quite a challenge today. The day started with a 2,700ft climb and a 3,000ft decent continued with a 3,000ft climb before we ended with a 3,700ft roll down. No flat part.

But all started nicer than expected. Dry and not to cold.

Beautiful streams and cascades.

But you could slowly sense the clouds pushing in. So only a tiny “2nd breakfast break” how we call our 1st break at around 10am after four hours of hiking. We sat down in the middle of a huckleberry field and started eating. Huckleberries as well. But mainly our food. For 20 minutes we ate and shuffled food into us without a break. If anyone – besides hikers – had seen us they probably would have thought we are insane. But it’s mostly about energy now. A bit like our friends here – the fat marmots. Stuffed to the maximum now 😂

The last views for a while I guess.


On the last climb the rain started. First slowly and then in a constant “flow”. So the last three hours of the day meant head down and run. We were prepared and the rain gear was accessible. But it still sucks. On the uphill part you sweat like crazy and downhill you still get cold. Especially fingers and feet. Well, I guess that’s my life now. Forecast for the next four days: NOSIG (no significant change) 😝