The lack of motivation kept me in the tent pretty long this morning. Didn’t leave camp until 7:15 even though I wanted to get some miles in today. But since there was nobody waiting or anyone I could feel guilty against for being late I just kept on snoozing.

It was still weird to walk alone. But the motivation was big to just get to South Lake Tahoe. So I started hiking fast again. Passed lakes and more ridges:


Before I decided to make this the Day of the Flowers. I have passed these amazing wild flower meadows during the last days quite frequently but never took the time to capture them properly. A massive variety. And this is only an excerpt!


Apparently I moved through an old glacial river bed all day as a geologist who I met on the trail told me. It was great scenery again!

Since I was hiking by myself the voices were pretty strong today. Walking was definitely only the second priority or respectively focus. A lot of thoughts of the after-trail-life. Not that they haven’t been there before but today they were loud again. Let’s see where this will lead to. I definitely miss my hiking partner… 😔


Met Amber and Nick on the way which we know from former hiking days. Camped together and will probably also roll into town together.