It was below freezing in the tent tonight. Shoes and grass frozen around the tent. Winter is coming. We still left early to get miles in. The sunrise still tells the story about forest fires…

The trail again made us go up and down with pretty significant climbs through this georgous landscape. It’s not so much aboit the single highlights these days but the constant beauty of the area…



All of the red vegetation you can see in
the pictures are huckleberry bushes 😍😍😍. It is insane. They are ripe and big and there are millions of them!!! After I had stopped an uncountable amount of times already on the way up we decided to do it properly during lunch. A dream come true. A dedicated huckleberry break. I pledge guilty of eating and collecting them. My hands tell the story 😉


I went through the field next to our lunch spot for about 20 minutes. And what can I say. My desire for the berries was pleased for the first time after eating two thirds of the bag in one go 😂

One of these random lunch breaks in the mountains…

It finally got warm enough between 11 and 3pm. Before that it was a constant layer on/off game.


And then I saw the fattest marmot ever. But I would probably look like him if I had to live in a huckleberry field and no desire to walk to Canada 😂

We met a ranger and he gave us the weather forecast for the next days. Rain and snow from tomorrow on – for four days. OMG! I hope it’s not going to get to nasty. Rain and cold weather don’t really go well together. So we started “dörning ab se bauer” again and blasted through the rest of the day.


Until we hit the first glacial streams of Glacier Peak. So pretty with the murky water!


30 miles with a lot of elevation gain and loss. Let’s see if we can outrun the rain?!