A normal day again. No rain, all chores and responsibilities back to the respective hiker and off we went.

Our Second Breakfast was extended a bit since I watched two lumber jacks falling a tree. And of course we had to stay untill it fell 😂. Funny because for most of the time it was like a TV test screen – nothing happened… 😂

Up and over the next little pass for the first view of Lake Tahoe:

Today was also a good day. The weather was great, we had views and hiking was fun again 😉

We also caught up with Amber and Nick again who were drying their gear on one of the ridges. Something we had to do as well at some point today…

The PCT allowed us to do some more ridge walking. My favorite.

At 3.15 we finally decided to do lunch at a creek and dry our stuff. Who was hiding of course then – yes, the sun. Well, the wind helped and did most by itself.

And then we walkes right passed it without noticing. It’s a bit tough because of the flip-floping but we had calculates before that it was at mile 1140.2 – our 2,000 mile marker! We only realised it when we got to camp.

Anyways – 2,000 miles since Mexico today. And only 650 left… 😳

Dinner and camp with Amber & Nick in a nice sunset…