We overslept this morning because my watch failed on me. I had some issues before I went on the PCT but it seemed to have settled. Well, good excuse to get more sleep a bit longer. We are exhausted. We have to admit. All the big and lomg days, little sleep, mosquitoes are draining. Our bodies are calling for rest!

More lakes,

more dragonflies,

more forest,

and the first view of what we will be running into the next days – The Three Sister! Mountains again 😍

Once we got on the road which would take us to Bend a car stopped and spit out four hikers – The Aussies! What a coincidence!!! They thanked us for the beer we had deposited for them. Yes, it worked!! Richard gave me his contacts and told me to make sure to contact him when I would be Down Under. Cheers, brew!

And guess what, Will – the guy who gave the Aussies a lift, was going to Bend. Seemless travel. Almost as good as my old life in the airline world 🙊

After a quick stop at the brewery for some free beer we made it to town. A well deserved shower, laundry and the so far best dinner in trail at Zydeco! Fresh, delicious and exactly what we needed. And guess what beer they had on tap – “Sweet As” from Good Life Brewing. Made with New Zealand hop. Sweet as, brew!