The fires along the remaining part of the trial made us leave Leavenworth-Bavaria earlier then we wanted. Only a short stroll through town and a stop at Safeway for our resupply was “approved”. Then we went back on the road and five minutes later we had a ride back to the trail. Our plan to cruise through Washington kind of doesn’t work out. Now it’s just about beating the fires before they close anymore of the trail. Crushin’ miles, wearin’ smiles again! 🤘🏼

Today one of my favourite pieces of gear broke down on me massively. I know there are a few out there (especially Paurus 😋) who are happy that this era might end soon but don’t get exited to early. I have rescue plans already!

Even though there is no more butt left it still bursted the pants 😂

For now it is Tenatious Tape which will hopefully hold it together and get me to Canada…

A lot of up, only a little bit down and more up today. And millions of blueberries again 😍😍😍 We made it 15 miles down the trail. More than we had planned originally. And an impressive number for the amount of blueberries along the trail that needed to be picked and eaten… Even though we are out of the Alpine Lakes section it still looks similarily beautiful.

On our way up the next bear encounter. We were in the middle of a blueberry field when suddenly something started moving through the bushes not even 50ft away from us. And then I saw it. A very dark coloured black bear. It stopped about 100ft away from us to turn around and look at us. We started yelling at it but it didn’t really seem to be bothered. That’s not good. Bears which are accustomed to humans usually get in trouble sooner or later. Very sad…

Glacier Peak is our next focus point. As so often on the trail it makes you go towards and then around and around it. Glacier Peak is the next one. We have seen it for a few days already on and off. But now it’s becoming more tangible.

Well, and we made it onto Grizzly Peak. The only Peak which the PCT actually goes over and not almost or just around. So we decided to also camp up here.