Left after the last great breakfast at Grumpy Bear. I had to hike the last teo miles from the road crossing back to the trailhead which we had cut out when we arrived to get faster to beer and burger… 😎🤘🏼

We started out in the beautiful Meadow.

I have never seen this on the sun before but it looked incredible. A perfect rainbow around it.

It was great to finally get out there! All the talking about the Sierras and the snow and the conditions and and and…

The last view down back in the Meadow before we entered the next “level” and could see what was our program for the next 400 miles.


It was only a short day but we also moved slower than usual. We took White Pirate on board of out crew – he is an amazing guy. He has walked the entire stretch so far with his prosthetic. We have been struggeling sometimes with two legs and he has done it with one! Really inspiring. But he struggeled a bit on the steep and sandy uphill parts.

We found a good campspot just on the side of a flooded meadow. We are in bear country now so there are a few rules you have to follow. Bears have amazing smell senses. So you don’t want to keep anything which smells in your tent – not even toothpaste or sun screen. You also try to cook away from your tents and hang your backpacks in the trees away from you. First night with the bear canisters. We have to get used to it…