We got up early again. At least another 30 miles was the target for today so that we would only have 10 or less to get to Snoqualmie the next day.

After only a couple of miles we hit the smoke area. The smokey valleys we have been seeing – now we were part of it. At the beginning we were all excited because rhe smoke reminded us on ribs, barbecue and FOOD!!! But it became old and annoying quickly.




After lunch we said good bye to Kayla and Drew for now. They didn’t want and have to do another big day so they stayed a bit longer for lunch. See ya in Canada!!! 🤘🏼

The rest of the day was tough. Not because of the trail. It was nice and cushioned again. No, I was exhausted. My feet were calling for a break. At the end of tbe day we will have done 100 miles in three days.

We were just quiet and tried to put one foot in front of the other. Mirror Lake was the target. Since this is day 10 without a shower we couldn’t wait to jump in for a quick rinse. 13 hours of hiking again. I am done.