9 more miles on the road today before we would turn into the forest road to get back on the PCT behind the fire closure. 9 painful miles. Our feet and legs all hurt from the pounding on the asphalt.

A mile after we started we came across a little resort which had a sign out saying “Snacks, store, etc”. We couldn’t resist. Only question was how to get all of the stuff in my mouth while hiking???

PC: Kayla

When we finally turned into the forest roas we were all glad to be off the hard ground. But then we heard the sound of shooting guns. Not only one or so. No. Many were firing guns like maniacs. We didn’t know exactly where they were shooting so we carefully continued. It became louder and closer and it didn’t really feel good. And then we saw it. An improvised shooting range right below us. And there were shooting into the slope we were walking on. We walked fast to get out of the zone as quickly as we could. But we had to find out there was more. This was not the only range. We had a couple right on the trail – what a mess and pitty that it just looks like a dumpster.

The forest road was partly maintained and partly like this.
Can’t go over it.
Can’t go under it.
Must go through it!

And then we arrived in the “Valley of Guns”.
The valley was full of people who camped along the road. And apparently shooting guns was the most important thing today. People looking like day hikers were carrying massive hand gunsvin their belts walking around. There were improvised shooting areas in literally every corner of the road. And they were packed with people shooting all kinds of things. We heard shots behind, in front and next to us passing the shooting areas for about three hours. It was crazy. We had the feeling we had entered a private war zone. And on top no one seemed to be interested in cleaning up after themselves. Garbage and crap everywhere. At least someone left a power outlet for us. But somehow my phone didn’t get charged… 😂

A very steep and overgrown trail later – The Nacho Trail – we had a few miles left on a dirt road. Cool because we got to walk next to each other.


We had such a great time. A) we were glad we survived this horrible stretch and B) because we just had a lot of fun.

We saw more of the fire and smoke which we had just walked around.

And then – back on the PCT again. Finally. After 26 miles on roads to walk around the fire closure we were finally back on the trail. 26 tough and exausting miles. Our feet and legs are screaming for a break and soft ground. But we are glad we did it. Unbroken footsteps since Mexico. It was worth it to keep that.

Three more miles on the trail for a campsite with a spring and that’s it. More miles tomorrow…