What separates pregnant women and hikers? Defenitely not the cravings and desires for food. My breakfast after some popcorn, coffee, blueberries and a liter of milk:

While we were sitting in front of the supermarket Chris walked by. “Are you thru-hikers?” “Why, can you smell us?” I replied with a smile. And then he just askes if he could do anything for us, give us a ride or anything. There is still so much good out in this world! And as I said – you can always look back and regret things. But make sure you don’t have to look back and regret not doing something! PCT Class of 2018, Chris… 😉

Way later on the trail then we had planned but we both had organised some grown-up stuff and it was good to start without backlog. First we passed Three Finger Jack:


Before we got clear views of Mt. Jefferson. Beauty 😍

This one is especially for Jeff, Cora & Hans: Mt. Jefferson tataaaaa 🎶

It was windy for the first time in weeks so we camped on th back side of the only hill and enjoyed the sunset on Mt Jefferson.


Since we fell asleep so early yesterday we still had a few “Sweet As” over. Leaving them behind? Are you kidding…????

Sundowner – ice cold 😍