We had walked for an hour this morning when someone screamed from the bushes behind: “Flo, Flo! Yes, it’s him!”. Drew & Kayla 😊 We must have walked not more than 10 miles apart from each other for the last two weeks but never saw each other. Today was the day. We didn’t even feel the first ten miles since we were so busy catching up. It was great!

We had some great views. I like the forest in Washington. It has beautiful big trees but meadows and openings everywhere so you always get to see something.


We also saw why there is the fire closure in place.



A pretty stretch. As so often we decided to take a break near a stream to find out after it that there had been an amazing lake only five minutes later with beaches and everything. That would have been a great place for a break and a “swim” after 8 days without a shower. Well, sometimes you lose and the others win… 😂

And then we hit the road. All of us had decided to walk the road and then connect via a forest road back to the PCT behind the closure. 25 miles on a road. 12 were due today to reach the first possible campsite. It was exhausting and trying. I am done. Everything hurts. As Martyn would say: “I am absolutely shattered!”

Me and Drew on the road. PC: Kayla


Pengu is still hanging in there – the lazy hang-hiker. PC: Kayla

38 miles today. But it brings us closer to our goal of being out on the fifth for our great side-adventure 😊

PS: first day of my new camera in action. #iaminlove😍