We managed to leave on time today and had already 9 miles in at 9 o’clock 😎 The cool thing about getting up early:

The Sierra Buttes – our climb of the afternoon as we had to find out later…

Everything looked like another day in the forest to Sierra City – our resupply point for the next 3 days. We dropped down from 8,000ft to 4,600ft. The lowest we have been since we got back to the Sierras and rolled into town before 12 o’clock. Just before we reached the highway the Sierra Buttes revieled our task for the afternoon right in front of us – you can see the switchbacks on the left hand side of the mountain:

Ice cream & soda later we picked up our supplies and moved to the restaurant for dinner. A very chilled time since there was no cell phone reception and nothing to do at all. On our way from the grocery store to the reataurant (about 300ft) a woman came running out of her bakery waving cookies at us – with M&M’s on them… 😳 “They are for you!!” #happyhikers

While we were at lunch a thunder cell passed over the city and the trail
ahead of us. But as soon as we were ready to leave the worst had gone through and the sky turned bright again. Great benefit – the temperature had dropped significantly which was great for our climb. Left town after three ours. Probably record for a town including shopping. A real hero day.

Zero day: A full day in town
Nero day: Either a short day in or out of town where you will stay or have stayed the nigt with less than 10 miles of hiking
Hero day: Going in town (eat, resupply, etc.) and leave same day again

And than the climb. Probably one of the coolest outside of the Sierras. Almost 3,000ft in one go. But it was a pretty steep wall in which we switchbacked and traversed.



The photographer student 😋 also did some shots today. So good since there are also pictures of me on the trail now.

We put another 8 miles in – all uphill in that one climb giving us 25 miles total today. We rock! What a day. And as a treat on top we got this dinner & camp spot tonight. #ridgelive