When we started this mornig everything was covered in haze below us. And it stayed the entire day. Couldn’t stop taking pictures…





At 1.30pm we took a big 2h nap. We only had to get up once to move the tyvek sheet into the shade. What a view for lunch.

I also discovered how filthy I am. We went through a burned area for the last two days. Guess I could use a shower… 😂

A few more miles to get to the highway to catch a ride to Wrightwood.


When we got to the highway we waited for about five minutes until Cristine & Sierra came back to their parked car from a little stroll and offered us a ride to town. They also helped us finding a place to stay and when that was sorted out we decided to go for dinner together at the Mexican place in town. What a great evening! Thanks for this great evening!!!!

And then Jeff, the trail angel who had a bunch of hikers over already offered us to stay as well and crash on the floor. He picked us up at the restaurant and gave us what we needed most – rest and a shower! Thanks for your hospitality, Jeff!