One of these hard working days again. I was still kind of tired when we left camp late. My legs are getting better and better every day. Therefore my big toe on my right foot started hurting. It’s part of an overpronation problem and is painful once in a while. Man, I hope I’ll be able to walk a few days without any issues until the end… I am getting to old for this crap 😂

The day was not really exciting. Even though we were told it would just continue as beautiful as we had it for the last days it was definitely not as spectacular. We were just rolling over hills the entire day…

No more high mountains. We both had a quiet day. Walking behind each other and doing what you have to do – walk. But then you get lost in your own thoughts. Thoughts about the trail, the next days, the life after the trail, to does and everything else. We caught ourselves a few times being so zoned out that we didn’t even catch the question the other one would ask because we were gone in thoughts so deeply. Time to think.

One of the few times I “woke up” was when I saw this. Was I back in the homeland?

The orange triangles! They are back!!! They are used as trail markers in New Zealand – home, sweet home 😍

The nice thing today was – a lot of ridge walk today. Only the bigger mountains were missing a bit.

We made it 21 miles only. Too many and long breaks. But we both had enough and just wanted to camp and sleep. Since we were both dusty like two cowboys we took a little rinse in the creek and crawled into our sleeping bags.

My last view of the day: