Only short today since it’s already way past hiker’s midnight…

Good start again this morning. 10 miles in at 9.30am 🤘🏼

They reminded me a bit on the Torres Del Paine:

A bit what I talked about yesterday. We are cruising through amazing landscape all day long. Even though there are the “highlights” it is beautiful whenever you look up from your feet.



More river crossings of course…

And then the area of the John Muir Pass. Above 11,000ft almost completely covered in snow.




On the pass there is a little shelter were we had lunch. Kaylee’s newest creation (since we both had too much tuna but still 7 packs to go…) – “fish with fish”. A tuna pack with Goldfish crackers. Definitely helps. It is getting more and more difficult not to get sick of certain types of food…

The shelter.

John Muir Shelter on 12,000ft

A few clouds started to form in the south east so we decided to start the decent. All good for the first 1.5h down until we caught the first rain drops.



The clouds turned grey and purple and added hail to the rain. We quickly (ran) down to lose elevation and not to be to exposed in a thunderstorm. We heard the first two thunders. It was time to find a sheltered spot! Lightning came closer and the ground was already covered in a solid layer of hail. We found a great spot sheltered by a big rock and trees and started pitching the tent while it was hailing on us. But we couldn’t make it work. The spot was maybe a foot too small
to get our guylines setup. We were cold and soaked at this point of time. But a bad night of sleep in a wet tent? So we packed up again and continued until we found a better spot. Pitched the tent, went inside to change into dry cloth and into the sleeping bag to warm up again.

Drying and organising everything while hailing took time. We treated ourselves with cooking and dinner in the tent and hope for the bears to be somewhere else tonight…

But as always – bad weather brings incredible sunsets. The lake we are camping at lid up.