20 miles left to the famous Timberline Lodge at the base of Mt. Hood where also the outside shots of “The Shining” were shot…

Left our campspot at Timmothy Lake to make it for the lunch buffet 😊

A quick stop at Little Crater, a spring which has developed by tectonical movement and since then washed out a little crater filled with very blue water!

What else. We were back in the green tunnel for the next 4 hours before we got the first view of Mt. Hood again. But very incredible how two days ago we crossed the ridge at Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood was so far away still. Then we didn’t see it for 1.5 days anymore and now we are already right at the base of it.

Last 1.5 miles were loose sand uphill – what a pain and what a tester for the lunch buffet. While we were racing up there others were still skiing on Mt. Hood – on 22. July 😳

And then Timberline. Full of people.

We first did the all you can eat lunch buffet then took three hours to organise our travels back to the Sierras where we will go in two days to hike the section we had to skip due to the snow and river crossings. After that we also stuffed ourselves with dinner 😊 Lamb shank and clam chowder 😎


And said good bye to hike out at night and find a campspot a few miles down the trail…