I have to admit just a rather unexciting day today – flat, forestry and…? Yeah, a lot of miles again. Made it 32 miles again so we are in reach for the Timberline Lodge lunch buffet 😊

Played around in the sunrise a bit this morning. Kaylee is really a great model whenever I want to try stuff. She rarely complains even though it sometimes takes longer until I have all the settings right… 😂

More life in the form of water. Due to the snow there are little seasonal streams everywhere. It’s great. You never have to carry more than a liter or two.

But these were more or less the highlights. The rest of the day we put our heads down and just kept on “crushing miles, wearing smiles” 🏃. That’s how my view looked for about 12 hours 😂

We are officially in the Mt. Hood National Forest now. Even though we didnt’t see it all day long. But I guess we must be closer than yesterday. Only 19 miles to the lodge – and it is right at the base of the mountain.

A lot of time for thinking though. One thing that pokes through frequently is that I miss flying. I think I will have to spend a few hours in the cockpit again when I get to Canada. GOMC I am coming… 😎

What else? Oh ya, I will have to wash the shoulder straps of my backpack soon. The smell is getting outrages. It’s not really the smell itself but the burning in the eyes it is causing… 🤣

I truly enjoy this hike, the time outdoors, every little thing connected to it and I am glad I still have more than 1000 miles left with probably some of the most spectacular spots. The PCT being the second thru-hike also helps in making sure to take these moments in, to stop once in a while and not to run past everything in the need to do big days. This journey again will be over way to soon. And then you wish yourself a couple hundred miles back again to be able to slow down and get more “happy-time”…

But I can also feel that I somehow do want to do something again. Something tangable. Something where I can sit in a cafe, drinking one latte after the other and type on my MacBook – like a real hipster…😂. Ideas more than welcome!