Slept in until 5.30h since I only got to sleep at 12.30 last night. Too much stuff which I wasn’t able to finish in town. These town days are always so packed. So I replied to messages, did “grown-up” things and sorted out some stuff which I could do offline.

The morning. Epic view out of the tent. This spot is really great.

Well, the rest of the day is told quickly. As promised by many Oregon seems to be shaded properly which is a huge benefit in this heat. Massive pine trees everywhere which are only broken once in a while by some clearings.

We hiked for about 18 miles before lunch and then broke for 2h to get out of the heat. I found some proper air-dried salami which were probably my highlight of the day. The trail is more or less flat and just gently slopes up and down around 5,000ft. The disadvantage of the forest – no views. But I guess you can’t have it all 😂

I am in my tent already, done with my stuff and it is only 8pm. Yes!! 🤘🏼 Finally made it to bed again before hiker’s-midnight.

The sound of the mosquitos trying to get into the tent will surely put me asleep in a minute.