After a night below freezing we slowly started this morning defrosting. But what can I say – it took us 3h to go 4 miles. At 11 o’clock we only had 8 miles done. Why? It was so beautiful we stopped every five minutes for photos. It was incredibly beautiful. I was already about to give up Oregon with mainly trees, no views and mosquitoes. Highlights so far in this order:
1. Crater Lake,
2. Ashland,
3. Bend.

But circling around the three volcanos “The Three Sisters” was stunning. Again – it’s the mountains. Let the photos speak…




Mt. Washington, Three Finger Jack (l. t. r.)


Flo & Mt. Washington // PC: Kaylee

Just beautiful. Harsh volcanos, life in between and endless views. Happy hiker with Mt. Washington, Three Finger Jack &  Mt. Jefferson (l. t. r.) in the background (Thanks to Green Flash for sorting out the mountains!)

Flo, Mt. Washington, Three Finger Jack & Mt. Jefferson (l. t. r.) // PC: Kaylee

The second part of the day was tough though. Crossing the lava fields for hours was tyring and hard on the new shoes as well 🙈

But we got closer to Mt. Washington which was quite a sight!

And guess what. We arrived at the Big Lake Youth Camp and who had managed to walk 0.4 miles in 8h? Out lazy hiker friends Kayla & Drew 😂 Therefore reunited again!

Unfortunately we had to hitch hike out to Sisters to buy some more food. When we got there even Subway was closed so we just went to the supermarket and ate in bed – sandwich, chicken fingers, popcorn, Doritos & cheese, ice cream, blueberries, milk, soda and guess what: Sweet As beer!!! A toast to all my Kiwis. Cheers, brews! 🤘🏼

Well, until we passed out because of exhaustment after a few minutes. 30 mile day was noticable on the body.