After breakfast Kaylee’s cousin Steven gave us a ride back to the trail. Cheers, brew! So we started hiking at around 12. Look at the fancy hiker – new hat, new shirt, new shoes… Hikikg in style again 😎

The first 6 miles we made our way back up to join the trail again – of course through the forest with mosquitoes. But then?! The forest more or less disappeared and the rough volcanic scenery took over. We were about to pass The Three Sister – three volcanos. What can I say? Views, views, views. Mountains, mountains, mountains. Finally!!!! Such a dramatic change and such a beauty again.





Also the snow was way less than expected. It made hiking and navigating easy again. Even with the late start we got 20 miles in. So funny how the 20 mile days are the short and half-day ones for us. The rest for my leg in town helped. Ice, Ibuprofen and Bengay creme did a good job. I am almost back to normal.

Camping at the Obsidian Falls tonight. Great sunset and we expect temperatures below freezing tonight 😳