We had managed to get to Bend in time to meet up with Kaylee’s parents who were in the Portland and came down to see their daughter. Besides the fact that we had a lot of fun together it was also the most efficient and least painful town day so far – not a single step of walking but doing everything by car 😊

So went from gear shop to gear shop to gear shop… Trekking poles needed new parts, new socks, new insoles, long sleeve shirts, a hat, a new platypus, food and many items more.

So my second pair of shoes retire after 800 miles of duty. Thanks guys! RIP! And rhe new ones now in size 13 – this is 2 sizes bigger than I started with 😳

Also got some new insoles with them which look even more promising with the arch support and cushioning.

I have a new absolutely cool hipster-hiker hat. It mainly is supposed to keep the bug net away from my face but I have the feeling I’ll be wearing it without bug net as well… 😎

Thanks Beth & Bill for driving us around all day and feeding us! Great pleasure to meet you and to finally know how the “food-god” looks like 😉

Kaylee and I forced a third big meal into us – there is no such thing as too many calories…