Wake up call at 6 so we could leave by 7.30 latest to tackle the hill in the morning shade. The area again was very beautiful and it was quite chilly this morning so that it was good to get going. I mixed up a bit more today with the hikers who camped with us at night.

Stop for lunch was in Mount Laguna today. 60 inhabitants and probably the most impressive gear store I have seen in a long time – especially on this tiny little space.


And well placed as well. So whoever made it to here in pain is willing to almost do and pay whatever to find some ease. So the guys offer to do a pack-shakedown to help you what you need and what not… This results in an amazing and very funny hikers-box (literally at every stop where hikers can dump stuff they don’t need anymore and others can just use it. But it’s amazing what people start out with…

After a few cold drinks and a bit of rest we continued to the so far most spectacular part of the trail. Following a ridge overlooking the desert.

I can still not fully believe that this is happening and hat this will be my life again for the next five month. It is so great to be back on the trail – still can’t stop smiling.

A vew more impressions of the current setting. We are walking on the edge of the desert and do get amazing views.

Many of the bushes in the desert are currently blooming and besides the fact that it looks “super-espectacular” and smells amazing it attracts a lot of wildlife. Nice shot of this hummingbird like bug.

Pitched our tent close to a lake for a beautiful sunset.