We left a bit later onto a rather dry stretch today. It was cold tonight – 4C. I waited until 4am to finally put a t-shirt on and be able to sleep properly. It’s always the same debate – na-yeah-na, she’ll be right and it’s more effort to put on the shirt than just going back to sleep until you finally give up being mad at yourself that you hadn’t done it three hours ago…

The scenery is getting better and better. Yesterday we almost reached 2,000 masl already. Today we left the forest and went into the open plains again.

We are now a group of around 12 hikers now walking more or less the same distance so we bumb into each other during the day and in the breaks. You also end up walking together once in a while. It is less solitude but a lot of fun and you have time to get to know people.

by Cookie Monster

Some more of these views. It is still a bit unreal.

Water is an issue. Even though it has been a rainy winter and there are more streams than last year we are still in a desert. Luckily there are a few instalations that help. They might not always be the prettiest ones but you have to take what you can get… 😂

The trail life is great. WALK, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT. We walk through amazing scenery, look for water and camp spots, break for a few snacks and then pitch our tents for the night.

Tonight we ended up pitching tents with 6 other hikers in one of the few flat spots. Since we all came in fairly early we had time to get organised and then have a relaxed dinner together. Great community and a lot of laughs. Everyone is sharing their food and supplies and good stories. As a last duty today – after I did that to and with “Flame” (her trail-name; I will explain the concept later) yesterday night – I went through Sophia’s backpack to help her getting lighter. So much fun!!! I pulled out every single item and checked if she really needed it while everybody was watching while she tried to find explanations for things she knew she didn’t need it. And I played the tough guy not letting her get through. A lot of laughters and at the end she probably got rid of 1,5-2kg of stuff! Really cool. Looking forward who is next 😎