The vortex – which must have been installed right next to the barbecue held us for a while this morning. But we finally made it to the cafe around the corner for breakfast. Until we could finally got up it was already 12 o’clock – good timing with the heat. We just wanted to hike in and do a nice siesta during the time between 2-4pm. Sophia was already feeling weak the entire morning and she kept on falling behind.

After only 5 miles we crashed for our 2h siesta. But Sophia was not really feeling better. When we hit the first road after another 4 miles she decided to call it a day and hitch out to get some rest. She would have needed to go off the trail tomorrow anyways to meet with her boyfriend who will finally join our trail family on the trail. Therefore not so bad timing wise. Nevertheless I was sad that our hiker-dream-team ended so abruptly on a road with her looking miserable and not with a last night on a cool camp spot on a mountain with a beautiful view and some time to look back on the first four weeks of our hike. Get well soon, Little One! And make sure you two catch up quickly – I’ll wait for you in Tehachupi!

Mamie and I continued. We had 7.5 miles left to the next water and it was already 6.15pm – sunset at 7.45pm. So we hiked up the 1,500ft climb as fast as we could and made it just before it was completely dark at 8.30pm.



Quick dinner and into the tents. Wake up at 4am tomorrow to escape the heat. 😳