We traversed over smaller ridges and meadows. Amazing scenery! It is somgood to be back in the mountains. Again, I couldn’t stop smiling. #ilovemountains
It is just what it is!


We were again moving slower than usual. I really had a hard time adopting to it I have to admit. The constant stop and gonwas exhausting for me. It also meant having the heavy load on my back for a longer time. The bear canister, the ice axe, micro spikes and so on are heavy if you just have to carry them… But it also gave photo opportunities.


Water is finally not a problem anymore. Water is running down every hill and I also stopped filtering it. Great fresh mountain water.

We are constantly climbing and reached the first real higher point today – 10,700ft / 3,260m. We also had a few snow patches left buy nothing of the to be feared snow masses yet.


I practised some techiques how to walk and traverse on snow when we heard someone calling for help below the trail. We could not locate the person from the trail. So Everett and I circled around the gully we were traversing to get a better view. But we couldn’t see anyone. And also the calles for help went silent. After a short debate we dropped our packs, agreed on signals with the test of the group, took the rope and ran down the gully. We did not want to pass and maybe leave someone behind who needed help. We went further and further down but couldn’t see or hear anyone. Also our calls were not answered. We were about to turn back after we had gone down about 400 meters and traversed all the way back when suddenly someone said “I am over here!”. We were released that we found the person who had called for help. When we got to him we had to find out thatbit was our family member Martyn who we thought ahead. But he was ok. What a relief!
He had gone off track and on his way back he fell, sled down and got hit by a rock on his leg and head. In the impact he lost some of his gear and when he tried to look for it he left his backpack behind. But then he couldn’t find that one anymore. So the situation was getting a bit serious. Glad he called for help and we found him!

When we came back up with him we all were really relieved that he was ok and it was only a shock for all of us. A good wake up call for everyone and a reminder to stay together and in groups from now on!

Well, after that we decided to not make a long day anymore and just to go down in the next valley so it wouldn’t be so cold during the night. I tested my new micro spikes. Just to see what they can do. On slush my shoes seem to work better without vut they fit well and on ice they will for sure help!

Cruise down into the valley. Still a bit tense from the happening but also glad that everything went well…

Early night again trying to build a routine with the bear precaution system – cooking and storing away from the tent.

As a good night present I spilled my dinner – ramen noodles. So I had to pick them out of the sand and wash them. What a bloody task! But you can’t just get another one out of the shelf out here…