Probably the toughest day so far. Not because of the terrain but because of the temperature. We left at 7.30h to avoid the heat but that was already too late. After a mile we bumped into the first trail angels – they had set up their camper van right in the desert next to the trail awaiting us with cold beers in the morning. Well, it was not even 8am yet but can you turn down an ice cold beer. Great way to start the day.


After about another mile we crossed underneath the interstate and were surprised by more trail magic. Some locals must have put this up. Coolers with ice and ice cold beverages, snacks, fruits and clear signs 😂 Wow!



The heat was getting worse and worse with every minute. At 11.30 we arrived the wind park and couldn’t resist the signs:

We sat in the shade outside of the building where the friendly employees of the wind park had also stocked some water for us when one of them came out and asked us irritated why we were not coming in. Once we entered the door everyone just squeezed out an “Ohhhmmmm…” – air conditioning!!! The thermometer hit 96F (36C) so it was great to get in a room with 72F (22C) and cool down. We were directed in the meeting room and fed with water and Gatorade. When we were about to leave we were offered pizza and pulled-pork sandwiches. We of course couldn’t resist. So we left again at around 1:30pm hoping for the warmest part of the day to be over.

Well, we were wrong. It was so hot that we had to stop in almost every piece of shade we could find. The climb didn’t want to end and we could feel the exhaustion from the heat. The only thing which helped was the views. We entered a new stretch full of amazing valleys – my favourite so far.




After 15 miles we reached the Whitewater River – and what a surprise. When we were supposed to cross the river we were greeted by a nice beach and a great flowing river. No question that we had to go for a little swim (and with this cleaning of our cloth…). It was indescribable pleasurable!




We called it a day, pitched the tents and decided to stay at this epic place for the night.


After dinner we agreed on a change of plans for tomorrow: wake up at 4.15 and hiking at 5.30 to escape the heat. Buenas noches!