It was noticeable colder tonight and since I had a rock underneath my tent I touched ground once in a while and could feel it. Since we camped close to a river of course he tents were soaking wet this morning and as always a hassle to get ready and not killed by the sandflies.
The trail just followed different rivers the entire day in the riverbed or the forest next to it.


Easy stroll and even Anne Saddle was not really a saddle compared to what we had seen so far.
The views were nice into the different valleys and you can tell the enormous difference in climate already.

We completely changed from dry to wet now. The fields are green and moisture and with this also the vegetation has changed a bit.

Spent around 2.5-3h talking to all the 17! SOBO which passed us. Very nice and informative but by his we of course didn’t make any distance. One of the guys was a German who had quit his job already two years ago and is now just traveling. Seems to be working – I have to further investigate on this option ?
Made it to the beautiful hut and also Breann and Jay showed up shortly after us. So the family is reunited!

Clear night and the moon was huge!

Long day tomorrow so bed time now!