As planned we left camp at 5.30am this morning to escape the heat. What a pleasure to walk in coolness compared to yesterday. But again the PCT was messing with us. Through the valley, around the ridge on the other side and then climbing the ridge in switchbacks in both sides before you finally made it on the top. Just taking the gentle ridge itself somehow doesn’t seem like the PCT… 😂

Therefore the views were great. We are still in the desert but now combined with all the valleys and mountains just makes it stunning coming around every corner.

Our goal was 10 before 10 – 10 miles before 10am. At 9.53 we had the 10 miles in and settled for a break. Today we pushed from water source to water source, hydrating and filling up our bottles.

And at 1pm we had 15 miles in the clock, went out of the sun as planned and passed out in the shade for about 2,5h. Our strategy after yesterday’s learning was to hike in the colder times of the day and to rest during the heat. So we left again at around 5pm to push for another 10 or 15 miles.

And guess what?! It exists!!! They have mud on the trail!!! Finally 😂😎🤘🏼

I am really enjoying this life so much. Being out here again not caring about many things which seem too important in the city life is liberating. And it’s also great to spend time with the “family” how we call the group. And it’s true. It’s a very intense and deep connection. For one reason because we simply spend a lot of time together and also because we are in this state of physical and partly emotional stress on the trail which reveals a lot. Great after the mainly short encounters during the last half year.

Drew didn’t feel well after the break so we called it a day after another 4 miles and pitched the tents.