This morning started a bit like yesterday ended. We were still in the middle of the blueberry paradise. Bushes full of them. Ripe. Everywhere. OMG!!! I think I developed a serious problem. I am completely addicted to them. I can’t pass a single bush of them without picking and eating a few (ok, many) of them. They are soooo good!!! We almost didn’t get any miles done because I was always stuck in the bushes… 😂

Yes, I admit. I am a blueberry junky. And I love it.

Life is also a lot better again. After I had ordered the camera last night and I now know that it’s only three more days without everything feels better again. Can’t wait to pick “her” up 😊

I stood on top of one of the hills today and called the Olympus hotline to make sure everything works out. Good that I called since batteries will be shipped ground only and the spare one I had ordered would have not made it to the pick up point. So I spent over 20 minutes on the phone – which was great because I was standing in a blueberry field with nothing to do then to wait and… 😍😍😍

Our first close view of Mount Adams:

Another long lunch break:

And then the first trailmagic in a very looong time! Jieha. Apples, juice, chips and more. THANK YOU!!!

Would you eat food out of a garbage can which is standing in the middle of the forest in normal life…?


We pushed on for another 6 or so miles and went through the sunset. The sun has been incredibly red the last days due to the smoke of the forest fired. My iPhone of course can’t capture it properly… 😔 Only two more days though.

We knew it since the last three days but today was the day. We caught up with Martyn aka The Old Man again. He was just a few miles ahead of us and now we are camping together again.

The bad news is. Apparently there is a new fire closure in Washington. Just 60 miles ahead of us the trail is closed for 52 miles. I so hoped to not be affected by fires. Well, I guess we will have to see in two days when we get there.