We woke up completely soaked. The water was dripping from the tent walls, sleeping bags wet as everything else. We had camped a bit too low and too close to the meadow so we were covered in fog. A shitty start of the day…

After a more or less rather “unspectacular” morning with a little pass and lakes suddenly everything changed.

We climbed for 2000ft out of the tree line and back into volcanic environment.




And the PCT made an exception this time and let us walk on the ridge for more than six miles! We were surrounded by mountains everywhere. Some granite ones similar to the Yosemite Valley and others clearly volcanic origin.

It was a great treat after again 2.5 days of more or less just rolling.

The evening also held a surprise. Just shortly after us an old friend showed up – Flame!

Last time we had met her was in the Marbles. And unbelievably – she had gotten rid of a lot of stuff and was crushing bigger days. Committed to make it. Rock on 🔥!