After Katie left me I organised a few things and decided to go to Abel Tasman National Park for a few days. I bought food for four days to be prepared for everything and went to the state highway to get a ride. I was tempted to just take a bus, pre book a boat to get me in and do it the classical and safe way I used to do it. But then I said no! Out of your comfort zone and off to where the magic happens ? 

Five cars and I had the first ride to Blenheim and not long after that a second one that took me just to the next village. And there I waited for 1,5h. I was about to check in to the backpackers in town since it was already 7.45h and only 15′ to sunset when a car pulled over and took me a little bit further down the road with the comment that this would be a better spot. And there I was in the middle of the vineyards at sunset. I thought I would need to camp in the vineyards illegally and get up early in the morning before somebody would find me.

And then the flow began when out of the blue this crazy French girl pulled over and took me to Nelson. She was driving like a maniac but we made it to Nelson and had dinner together.

Next morning I enjoyed a few coffees before I tried to get a ride to the park. I was on the street with my thumb up when an elderly lady turned back who had just passed me and said: “I don’t think it’s a good idea to try this here. Do you see the yellow line? Cars aren’t allowed to stop here. Maybe you just want to go up the street a little bit around the next corner. That’s a better spot.” Isn’t that amazing? People on be street taking care of you and giving you advise on how and where to hitchhike best?!

Fleur picked me up – she works in be Awaroa lodge in the park. We had a nice chat, had lunch together and she sneaked me on the boat on the staff price which was 25% of the regular price.

We saw a big school of dolphins on the way out which surged in our waves for a while – really great!

And then she decided to hike together with me the last section of the park to the lodge. So the boat dropped off our stuff at the lodge, took us to the Totaranui Bay and we walked back on the beach to the Awaroa Bay.

 It’s really a wonderful place! I like the mixture of forest, jungle and beaches so close to each other. The diversity is fascinating!

Stayed in the lodge that night since I didn’t have a booking for any of the campsites anyways (you need them in the national parks which are declared part of the “Great Walks”). We went to see the glow worms at night and also the fluorescent plankton again. But it was to bright for it so we jus enjoyed the stars at the beach. They are so bright and the Milky Way is a bright white stripe on the sky – not just a few stars. Incredible! I hope I can capture it one night…

Next morning I strolled southwards through the park (guess I am a SOBO for now ?) to Anchorage Bay.


Silver fern – the national plant of ??


The Tide was very strong. Seems to be a special event every five years that the tide is especially strong. So even some of the high tide tracks were flooded. You can tell the difference between all of the tracks we had done so far and the great walks. Same as in Queen Charlotte it was all well maintained, many people and even flushing toilets in the huts.

When I arrived in Anchorage Bay I tried to get a hold of the warden since I was interested in a side trip to a big sink hole and I had to sort out my booking for the night. So I went into the hut but the only people in there were five good looking girls. So We chatted a bit and I asked them if they knew anything about the sink holes. One of them replied: “Well, if you like big holes…” and further she didn’t get because we all cracked up. Thanks for the great laugh! I don’t know why but when Phil showed up and I asked him he instantly said: “You wanna have coffee?” and invited me to his warden hut. We said down had a few coffees and joked around for a while.

Pitched my tent and went to bed. Next morning I continued and bumped into two girls when one of them said: “And, did you find your holes?” Mel, the girl from the hut yesterday ? and Sarah.

It turned out that they were heading out of the park as well and driving back to Nelson. So we had an easy walk out of the park with a few stops at the beaches and chatted about life and all the other topics.

 It was just great and after picking up Hannah (who took the boat because of blisters) and lunch in Kiteriteri we decided to go out tonight. Since Sarah had booked a family room she offered me to stay with her which solved the overnight issue. THANK YOU again!

So I had the pleasure to go out with three beautiful women in Nelson. I love my life! We had a few drinks and went to the hottest club in town with live music and dancing. My first party night in NZ! Thank you for the night out girls ?

Three days of unplanned and unorganised fun and amazing encounters. I am so glad I didn’t take the bus…