Plan was to sleep in today! But first the two other guys didn’t care when they got up at 6.30h. The second time we got disturbed was at 8.00h when the helicopter landed right next to our hut and one of the DOC (Department of Conservation) employees came into the hut to bring a new hut book and axe. 
We continued sleeping and finally left at 12h. But that was good after the last days of running…
We just cruised today and took a lot of foto breaks.

 The trail mainly went over the ridge line and was not to tough. We met the hunter again who stayed close to our hut yesterday and he shot four goats just on the mountain we were hiking.

 The NOBO group was forming today and we started planning what we will do when we arrive in Picton: Seafood and a visit at Cloudy Bay Vineyards and then seafood again ?

 Had a great dinner tonight since we had to much food for the next two days. I hope I can move tomorrow.

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