Relaxed start in the day after saying good bye to the guys. We continued in the valley and did an unspectacular walk through the valley – unspectacular besides the views of course!

Best regards from Lord of the Rings – we were just waiting for the Orks to appear at any time!
We continued in the valley, passed Taipo Hut and went back in the forrest which was nice since there was cooling shade.

Arrived at Greenstone Hut after an easy 23km walk. The hut was the biggest one so far and very well maintained and equipped. Again met very nice Kiwis – Warren and his son Thomas – and we chatted for quite a while. Amazing encounters in this country! They invited me to stay with him when I will approach Auckland. I will for sure!

We went for a quick swim in the in the Greenstone River which wasn’t to cold for being a glacier stream. What a great feeling after 4 days of sweat and no shower… And there was even a jump pool. Of course I had to jump one “Krampe” – Maui you would have been proud!!! ??

Had a nice round of cards with a Belgian guy and a German girl who both kicked my ass in Pyramide. Sucked but still fun!