After our night out I went to the airport to catch my flight to Wellington. Did I comment on how cool NZ is already? ? No, I repeat no security check before you board the airplane! They call your flight and you just walk out of the door onto the apron without you or your hand luggage getting screened. How cool is that.

After arriving in Wellington I took a cab to the Island Bay which is the southern most point to start the trail again at the North Island.

And then I continued through the city. Wellington gives a great first impression – hilly, beautiful houses, surrounded by water and a lot of green in between. 

The shock was not to bad to arrive in a city after being in civilisation for the last days already.

After my stroll through the southern part of the city I made it to the city center.

 Here I met with Breann and Jay which stay in there old apartment. So now that’s also my base for the next days. Thanks guys!!! Easy evening with a few drinks in the city…

Next day we explored the city together and I bought a few items I needed. Most importantly my new hat for the rest of the trip. From now on it’s travel in style! I don’t know why but I think it looks amazing. The combination of heart and hat is just perfect. And I feel exactly how I look – however that can be described ??

Also visited my cafe of course ?

We also had a lot of flat whites (that’s how they call cappuccino here). Barista is actually a well appreciated and payed job in NZ. People actually are acquired over the entire country. What a great place for an coffee addict.

I also got my shoes fixed so they hopefully last a few more hundred km. The holes were getting bigger every day.

And this is a nice comparison of what 800km of hiking do to your shoes. Not bad I must say!

 Wellington is a great city. It’s a good mixture of water, hills, city life, small and big enough at the same time, craft beer, hipsters and freaks and all you need. I have the feeling you can easily get stuck here… We had more great food and enjoyed the city.

Next morning after breakfast I bought the Alchimist from Paulo Coelho based on the recommendation of Jay and Breann and spend a few hours of reading in various cafes and bars.

Travelling by yourself is great. You just do whatever you feel like. And even sitting in a cafe by yourself is not weird or pitiful – it’s great! I enjoyed to watch other people and their interaction with others. I can’t remember when I have actually sat down for a few hours not feeling rushed or bad for not doing something “productive” in years! I have the feeling I have somehow finally escaped the hamster wheel and arrived. It’s an interesting feeling to sit in a bar all by yourself when everyone else is there at least with one friend, a partner or a whole group but still not missing anything or feeling lonely but just happy. Took a while though…

Numerous burgers, beers and other food later the day ended with a round of Skat.

And the clear understanding that I would have to leave the next day or I would be seriously endangered to get stuck in the town forever…

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