After breakfast Katie and I got two kayaks and strolled around in the sounds for a while. Nice way to start the day ? 

We packed our stuff and went to the restaurant again for some decent coffee and to meet up with Breann and Jay.

And then another and last 13km on the South Island. That’s all that was left of the 1303km ? I still can’t believe that I have walked all of this in 54 days. And looking back on what all has happened in the last two month… Insane! 10 weeks ago I was still fighting in the office to change the measurement logic for sales performance and and now all of this is unbelievable far away and not more than a nice and blurry memory.

We climbed the last “steep” hill and started already with our finisher pictures.

TA – Te AraroaWhen we reached Ship Cove it was time to celebrate!

We finished the bottle of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc I had been carrying for the last three days, we danced on the wharf and just enjoyed ourselves until we got picked up by the boat back to Picton.

South Island FinisherWe just made it before the rain started. The boat cruise was easy and smooth through the sounds.

We could tell we looked different to all the other passengers. After he skipper had picked up all passengers he actually made an announcement that we had four guests on board who just completed the Te Araroa trail on the South Island during the last two month by walking 1.300km and that this would be something worth for a round of applause. It felt weird and cool at the same time…
We ended – what a surprise – with a nice dinner and drinks in Picton together with Katie, Breann & Jay. I am actually looking forward to my tent after all the glamour ?

Katie will leave me tomorrow again to go back home. Thank you for the wonderful time and being my partner in crime and style for the last days. Will miss you on the trail! Bye bye NOBO 2…


New Zealand – Te Araroa South Island NOBO. Summarising for myself:

54 days of walking

69 days in total including all side trips and rest days

1.303km minus a few we got a ride in a car, plus a few we walked on top the river crossings which are not officially part of the trail and all the km in the supermarkets to resupply – so I guess that levels out

1,5 pairs of shoes

Several injuries, inflammations and infections

And uncountable memories, encounters, laughs and great people I met so far. I am glad it’s not over but only half of it.

Time of my life… ?
Now a few days off the trail to the Abel Tasman National Park and probably back on the trail in Wellington on Sunday…

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